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Director's Welcome

A Word From Our Director/Owner

We offer quality child care, development appropriate activities, and spiritual growth. We believe that we can change the world by each individual child we encounter in our center. We will establish this by understanding and valuing the individuality of each child; therefore, we will meet each unique need for each child by providing personalized and individualized attention. We strive to give each child a feeling of being loved, respected, acceptance, and self-worth.


Divine Treasures Development Center is here to minister the biblical truths (forgiveness, honesty, compassion, and obedience) to the young children while offering a stimulating atmosphere. I believe we will build a community that will grow together, and be blessed by the relationships that will grow. I speak highly of our center not only as the director, but as a mother to children who have attended our center.


I encourage you to call, e-mail, or stop by the center if you are interested in learning about what more we have to offer! You are also welcome to call and ask any questions you may have! We look forward to welcoming your family to the Divine Treasures family!

Peace & Blessings,

Beyonka Heine


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